About Vaida

Hi, I'm Vaida, I'm a marketing specialist who focuses on conversions and not just likes and followers. Engagement is great. Followers are great. Hey, even likes are great. But what do all of these metrics mean at the end of the day if you don't get any new sales? I'm always looking for new ways on how to reach your customers and get the best possible ROI. And no, I don't just "boost" a post. When I set up my Facebook campaigns, the visual, copy, and audience goes through extensive testing. My areas of focus: - Digital marketing strategy, - PPC (Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads), - Copywriting, - Lead magnets, - Newsletter campaigns. I don't say I can't, just I'll learn 👏

How Much Money Did I Make on Etsy?

Etsy is NOT EASY. Selling digital products is HARD. It’s still rewarding and it’s nice and completely worth it. But I feel like it’s time to be real.

NOT everyone is making crazy $$$ from digital products. And most of us when we do start, it does feel like climbing an uphill mountain. Especially because you see so many people on Youtube saying that they made a substantial amount and it was easy.

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