TOP 7 Free Digital Planners 2023

free 7 digital planners for goodnotes

I’ve collected a list of the best free digital planners in 2023 so you don’t have to! All of these planners will work perfectly with Goodnotes or any other note-taking application as well.

When it comes to digital planners, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different possibilities. That’s why it’s good to try at least the most common digital planners for iPad so that you know what kind of planner works best for you before you buy one.

Also, remember that you can create a digital planner in Canva. And a simple digital planner will not take you longer than 10 minutes!

How to download the free digital planners? Under each digital planner description, you’ll find a black round button. Once you click on that, you can download your digital planner.

Paperlike Free Digital Planner

Fully hyperlinked 440 pages digital planner for those who love minimal style design. Each page includes paper texture.

Realistic Free Digital Planner

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly minimal style templates. Additional hyperlinked bullet journal pages. & A habit tracker.

HappyDownloads Free Digital Planner

Realistic style digital planner with tabs. Additional empty pages.

DashPlanner Free Digital Planner

Minimal style digital planner that you're free to use. Includes gorgeous monthly templates.

PassionPlanner Free Digital Planner

Printable pages that you can add to your digital planner as inserts. Try different budget and habit trackers.

Eye pleasing minimal style design portrait digital planner that includes different monthly pages.

Printable pages that you can add to your digital planner as inserts. Try different budget and habit trackers.

THISS Planner Free Digital Planner

Many different sample planners to choose from but you will need to buy them to use them comfortably.

Paperlike Free Digital Planner

What does this digital planner include?

  • ▪️ 440 pages
  • ▪️ Paper texture pages
  • ▪️ Minimal design
  • ▪️ Attention to every detail
  • ▪️ This planner includes hyperlinked daily pages

Why do I like this planner?

The main reason why I like Paperlike digital planner is that you get all the days hyperlinked. As you can see in their instructions below, you can just click on the month, week, or day and get to the specific dated page.

You’ll find 440 pages (the whole year planned for you) and incredibly clear instructions on how to use the planner.

Also, I love their minimal aesthetic. You’ll notice that the digital planner has a paperlike texture. One of my favorite things about this planner is that it basically fits my whole iPad screen. In other words, there’s no wasted space.

I chose this digital planner as my number one because you basically get a FULL digital planner without any ads. It’s pretty rare for you to find a free digital planner that includes that many pages.

What could be improved?

With the free digital planner, you only get the basic templates. That means that if you want to add a habit tracker or a budget planner, you will need to either make or buy extra pages.

Now, the thing I wish they included is some blank pages with the paper texture. That way I could add some widgets on top of my planner without losing the paper texture style.


RealisticPlanner Free Digital Planner


What does this digital planner include?

    • ▪️ 30 different pages,
    • ▪️ Habit tracker, weekly and daily pages,
    • ▪️ Dated 2023 monthly pages,
    • ▪️ Yearly page overview,
    • ▪️ Empty hyperlinked bullet journal pages,
    • ▪️ You will need to sign up for the newsletter to get this planner.


Why do I like this planner?

The main benefit of this planner is that it’s fully hyperlinked and doesn’t include any advertisements or pages that you can’t use. From habit trackers, to 12 monthly pages, you can freely use this digital planner completely for free:


On the right side of all the planner pages, you can find the hyperlinks: the home button to go back to the index page, the calendar button to reach the yearly view.

The three colored dots will get you to the undated daily, weekly, and habit tracker pages templates:

Duplicate the pages and reuse them as much as you want!

You’ll notice that on the right side, there are 12 different hyperlinked numbers. Once you click them, you can go to the monthly page. So for example number 12 will get you to your December view.


The nice thing about this minimal-style digital planner is that it uses all the space and doesn’t have any unnecessary decorative elements e.g. rings in the middle. That way, if you want you can add digital stickers very easily.

Inside the digital planner, you’ll also find 12 hyperlinked index pages that are completely empty and you can use to your liking. Whether you are looking for a digital sticker book or just a more fun bullet journal, you will find it in this planner.


The paid version of this digital planner is actually a fully customizable Canva template. The pdf itself is completely free. Most digital planners are sold as PDF templates. That means that once you buy them you can’t make major changes.

You can still add and delete pages but you will not be able to change the hyperlinks, text, or colors.

Inside the free digital planner version, you’ll find 2023 calendar that you can use to mark all of your important dates, holidays, work plans, etc. Honestly, this is one of the main pages I personally use.


HappyDownloads Free Digital Planner


    • ▪️ 94 pages
    • ▪️ Realistic digital planner
    • ▪️ Digital planner design with tabs
    • ▪️ Additional empty pages linked with tabs
    • ▪️ This planner will include hyperlinked monthly pages but not the daily ones

Why do I like this planner?

I like the realistic look of this planner. Especially if you have ever wanted to try and see if a realistic style digital planner would work for you, this is the free planner you need to download. It’s also nice that they have included some additional empty pages that are linked on the tabs as well.


What could be improved?

Honestly, there’s really not much I can complain especially for a free digital planner. However, if we do have to say something, I’ll say that the rectangle shape on the empty page is something I would like to remove.

Also, you will find some advertisements that will try to encourage you to buy the full version or their stickers. But obviously, I understand them. It is a free planner after all.

Now, the thing I wish they included is some blank pages with the paper texture. That way I could add some widgets on top of my planner without losing the paper texture style.



The DashPlanner Free Digital Planner

This is definitely one of my favorite digital planner out of all of them. Even though, it’s only 38 pages, the minimal design makes up for it.


PassionPlanner Free Digital Planner

I’ve wanted to include some printable pages as well. You can either use them as digital pages or just print them out.

I like to combine these kinds of inserts with my other planners. I’d just add a sticker, which is this realistic looking pin on top of the page and fill out the additional pages.

That’s why even if you just have a minimal style planner, you can later add anything you want to it: from trackers to self-care pages.



Merikkuma Free Digital Planner

Looking for a free digital portrait planner? This minimal-style digital planner for GoodNotes. Get a free digital planner 2023 pdf and find out if this kind of planner works better for you.

Actually, many people prefer the feeling of writing on a portrait planner. However, as with everything, you need to test it out for yourself.

You’ll find a yearly view in this digital planner where you can mark all the important dates, birthdays and work plans.

This digital planner includes three different monthly pages designs. You can duplicate and make more of them. Or you can always delete the pages that you don’t need.



THISS Planner Free Digital Planners

Now, THISS Planner page got me really excited because it has a lot of different digital planners you can choose from: vertical, horizontal, dated, undated, and even digital stickers:


Now, THISS Planner page got me really excited because it has a lot of different digital planner you can choose from: vertical, horizontal, dated, undated and even digital stickers:

Keep in mind that you will only get a sample of what this digital planner can do. But it’s still nice that you can test out if these kinds of pages feel good for you.


So even though this planner includes 79 pages, you will only be able to use January templates. That being said there are quite a few templates you can try out. For example:



The truth is that most digital planners will work with most other programs because they are PDF templates. The only difference is your tablet screen size.

Whether you want to try a minimal-style digital planner or a realistic-style one, you will most definitely find the one that you’ll love. Test them out and find out what kind of planner you should look for.


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