TOP Free Digital Planners 2024

I’m super excited to share my favorite FREE digital planners for 2024. All of the suggested digital planners I have downloaded and tested myself and honestly the quality really blows my mind. I’d love to say a special thank you to all the creators mentioned. Your work is amazing!

Whether you use Goodnotes or any other notetaking app, these digital planners will work perfectly with all of them. All of these digital planners are made in the standard size and don’t take too much space on your device. Using these planners will be easy, fast and without any annoying lagging.

I recently stumbled upon quite a few Korean creators and I have to say that their aesthetic is currently my favorite. I love the minimalist style.

2024 Korean Digital Planner + Goodnotes Label & Widget Stickers

I personally love this digital planner for its minimalist design. You’ll find four different color palette options for this planner. Each planner includes 93 pages. Honestly, it has everything you need for simple and efficient planning.

Main Korean digital planner benefits:

  • Completely hyperlinked;
  • Includes video tutorial;
  • Aesthetically pleasing minimalist design;
  • Free widgets & stickers.

2024 Paperlike Digital Planner

I have to admit to you that this is my go-to planner. I love the simplicity of it. I also have to admit that their main branding colors aren’t my favorite favorite. But I love the design and the arrangement of things so much that I just use it anyways.

Main Paperlike digital planner benefits:

  • Fully hyperlinked, 459 pages
  • Smart use of space (lots of space for writing, no unnecessary details)
  • Minimal style

How does this digital planner look inside?

As someone who struggles with ADHD, I just love the simplicity. It’s everything I need and I am happy that it’s not more. I may enjoy the to-do list being larger and top priorities smaller but that being said I simply love this digital planner.


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