Hi, I’m Vaida! 

Perfectionist. Marketing specialist. & Freelancer. 

Trust me, I know that social media can be overwhelming. Planning is the only thing that kept me sane all of these years & I’d love to share the strategies with you!

You see, it doesn’t just save you time. Thoughtful planning is the key element for creating quality content. 

As a marketing professional, I’m always looking for new ways to get my clients sales. That’s why the content planners have a sales oriented approach as well. 

Realistic planner is all about being true to yourself & keep yourself accountable for the goals and dreams that you’ve set. 

Gain confidence with efficient planning today!

digital planner creator

Increased productivity

It’s easy to get side tracked with paper planners because they don’t usually have a system in place. More times than not, you have to repeat the same structures & waste your time on drawing lines & writing calendar dates. 

With a digital planner, you can quickly try different weekly and daily layouts and stick with the ones that work for you. 

Creative outlet 

Everyone deserves an easier way to express their ideas, emotions & thoughts. Digital planning is easier than paper planning because you don’t actually need to know how to draw or have the perfect handwriting. A digital planner allows you to create eye-catching pages from day one. 

Make planning fun

Let’s make digital planning exciting with different stickers, textures, washi tape, templates & widgets!