Here’s a detailed content planner tutorial. This is the latest planner version where you can update the days just by clicking on the first one and the rest will update automatically. 

This tutorial is created from two different parts:

FIRST PART: gives you all the basics that you need,

SECOND PART: talks about some additional features that you may want to 100% personalise your own planner.

THIRD PART: I’ve created this one specifically for those who will use this content planner in a language different from English. 

However, if you have a specific question and don’t feel like watching a tutorial, I am always ready to help and answer your questions! Just send me a message 😉

#1 Content Planner Tutorial (Part 1)

#2 Content Planner Tutorial (Part 2) 

I’ll also share how you can create your feed on Canva first if that’s more comfortable for you. For me personally that’s the most efficient method to create content. 

I like to drag and drop the images in the Canva feed because that allows me to quickly make changes and create all 9 visuals in one go.

In the second part, I talk about some of the more advanced features. This tutorial has been made based on the questions that my customers usually ask me. In this video, I’ll explain how to change the weekly planner in case you want to add some images there. 

#3 Content Planner Tutorial (Part 3)

In this video, I’ll share with you how to change your language settings so that your planner would update the days in your native language automatically.

If you still have questions after this tutorial, feel free to reach out 😉