In this video, I’ll share how to: 

00:05 Timeless planner, change the calendar year in one click,

01:42 Change the colors and fonts of your planner,

03:00 Dynamic to do list, change date format,

10:17 Change drop down list, choose content pillars,

11:12 How do the feed and monthly calendar work,

11:40 How to upload the images to Instagram feed,

13:56 How to change the post date,

14:50 How to duplicate sheets, use them for multiple social media platforms,

15:30 AIDA carousel strategy model explanation,

19:10 How to use the hashtags tool, find text easily.

In this tutorial you’ll find how to schedule your Facebook and Instagram content for FREE on Facebook Creator Studio.

I’ll also share how to create an eye-pleasing Instagram feed and seemless carousel. Not only that but this process is simply the most efficient in content creation. 

It’s easy. It’s fast and it’s free 😉